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February 03, 2022

Monotype App.

Version 6.3.0

  • Universal installer for macOS™ : The user will not have to pick between a regular installer (which runs as a Rosetta translated program on the ARM powered machines (M1/M2), or the optimised installer that runs as a native program on the ARM machines. The installer would be intelligent enough to detect the underlying architecture and thus install the app which is built to be more optimized to it.
  • Plugin Support for Adobe CC 2023 applications. The Monotype Desktop App now supports:
    • Adobe Illustrator® CC 2019 through CC 2023
    • Adobe InCopy® CC 2019 through CC 2023
    • Adobe InDesign® CC 2019 through CC 2023
    • Adobe Photoshop® CC 2019 through CC 2023
  • Plugin support for Sketch v95+
  • Support for syncing more than 1000 fonts on Apple macOS™ running on ARM machinery
  • Bug fixes and improvements

January 13, 2022

Monotype App.

Version 6.2.1.

The latest version of the Monotype App is now compatible with Apple's latest update to their operating system, macOs Ventura 13.1.

This version of the app supports fonts on macOS Ventura 13.1 for:

  • iWork (Pages, Keynote, Numbers)
  • Microsoft Office (Word, Powerpoint, Excel) and Microsoft Outlook


November 15, 2022

Monotype App.

Version 6.2.0

Type your own preview text

In this release of Monotype Desktop App, you can now iteratively test sample text across families and fonts without having to navigate to the web.

  • The TypeTester on the Monotype App allows a user to view custom sample text on multiple desktop pages! With this the app allows for typetesting closer to the point-of-design.

    • The synced fonts menu enables quick typetesting for the users to gauge the right font for use among those that are already present on their desktops.

    • Typetesting upon navigation to the library lists of choice by the user will help test glyph support within lists that they created or are shared with them.

    • The family page style list, where a user could test to find the right font to use for their creative use.

  • Typetesting is also available for usage on system fonts.

Family page detailing improvements

  • Foundry information has been added to the family page, allowing more context for the user picking their favourite fonts!

  • UI improvement to display styles in the order of increasing weight, helping the user easily identify navigation patterns.

Hierarchy enabled companies on the desktop app

Switching between workspaces is modernized to provide a cleaner experience moving between companies and divisions. It includes the following changes:

  • Allows a user to switch between workspaces of both companies and divisions.

  • A more smoother switch experience, which syncs the new lists of fonts connected with the new workspace, while the older ones are removed.

Stability, usability & security bug fixes

  • The auto-update capabilities have been stabilized in this release.

  • Numerous user workflows have been accelerated with other stability and usability fixes!

October 31, 2022

Monotype Fonts.

Company Hierarchy

Parent companies can create separate accounts for their child companies - called 'divisions' - and manage workflows and licensing requirements separately. Divisions sit beneath a single parent account.

This gives divisions autonomy to use Monotype Fonts their way, while parent companies have an overview without needing to manage the complexities of multiple divisions.

Includes the following functionalities:

  • Option to enable hierarchy while creation of a new companies.
  • Conversion of existing companies on Monotype Fonts into divisions under a single company.
  • Management of SSO for hierarchy enabled companies.
  • Separate management of divisions by a designated division or company administrator.
  • Management of users, roles, teams and tags under a division.
  • See usage for company and division administrators.
  • Customized emails and notifications for administrators and users who are utilizing Company Hierarchy.
  • Users can switch workspaces across multiple companies and users on the web and the app.
  • Backward compatible company hierarchy on the desktop app through ‘Switch Company’.

UI enhancements on 'Manage' tab

  • Visual UI enhancements and fluid design improve essential functions in the administration and management sections on mobile devices. 

Enhancements to the search experience:

  • Fixes to visual filters and enhancements provide more accurate results in edge cases.
  • Performance improvements to achieve faster load times when multiple filters are used.
  • Performance improvements to the displays of CCJK, Arabic and non-Monotype imported fonts leading to lesser appearances of tofus.

October 07, 2022

Monotype App.

Version 6.1

New Photoshop plugin to support missing font detection on Apple Silicon machine (M1/M2 Mac). 

  • Monotype App is now fully native for M1 processor Macs.
  • Update to Sketch plugin.
  • All missing font plugins are compatible with M1 machines.

September 01, 2022

Monotype App.

Version 6.0.3 (M1)

M1 Native App

Monotype App is now fully native for M1 processor Macs.

  • Previously the app was being run using apple's emulator (Rosetta 2).
  • Native app will empower IT teams to ensure their users' are running optimized app to leverage M1 benefits, such as better Mac performance and battery efficiency. 

August 31, 2022

Monotype Fonts.

Font Format Selection

  • Customers regularly using multiple formats of a font in their projects can now select specific font formats when adding to a list, web project or digital ad. 
  • Users who have access to the list or project can only sync those specific formats to their desktop app. This saves time and avoids accidental use of incorrect font formats for a project. 
  • A font in a synced list will automatically be updated to the most recently added format of that font.
  • To enable this feature, please contact your dedicated customer success manager or reach out to for further help.

Drill down further into usage reporting

The ‘usage’ tab now lets you see much more detail about font usage and user activity: 

  • People Reporting: you can view the exact set of families and font styles synced by users.
  • Family Reporting: you can view the exact set of users who synced or downloaded a font family.
  • Font Reporting: you can view the exact set of users who synced or downloaded a font style.

Improvements to language filters and pangrams 

  • Optimized CCJK filters now deliver more accurate and relevant search results.
  • We have introduced both Traditional and Simplified Chinese language filters and pangrams that are distinctive from each other.
  • The relevant language pangram now displays when that corresponding language filter is selected.
  • UI improvements to the TypeTester make it easier to see how to filter glyphs or preview different language pangrams, and reset to the default pangram.

Request access to imported fonts

Users can now request access to imported fonts added by their company.

August 08, 2022

Monotype App

Version 6.0.3, Mac & Win

Updated the app framework (ElectronJS) to version 18.3 for adding security updates and stability fixes. For more details, check Electron release notes 

July 11, 2022

Monotype App

Version 6.0.2, Mac & Win

July 22, 2022

Monotype Fonts.

New usage statistics for web projects and digital ads in the 'usage' tab

  • You can easily see how many web page views or impressions you have received for a web project or digital ad.
  • If you have exceeded your limit of web page views or impressions, there is a new option to purchase more to add to your plan.

The sort criteria 'relevance' and 'popularity' have been improved for use with language filters

  • When a language filter is selected, sorting by 'relevance' now shows font families with the largest glyph coverage of the selected language.
  • When a language filter is selected, sorting by 'popularity' now shows popular fonts according to our statistics on font usage for specific languages.

Pangram improvements

  • The pangram previews of font families now change according to which language filter is selected, to reflect that language.
  • You can now more seamlessly switch between the available language pangrams on the Type Tester.

July 11, 2022

Monotype App

Version 6.0.2, Mac & Win

New plugin for Illustrator 2022 and UX improvements for app auto-launch

  • Missing font detection & activation is supported for Illustrator 2022
  • The app will launch automatically only when missing fonts are detected
  • Fixes an issue where imported fonts were not getting displayed in font lists when there was no default variation available.

June 24, 2022

Monotype Fonts.

New functionality added to the Typetester to filter and preview different language scripts.

  • Language-based pangrams are now available as a drop-down list on the Typetester on Browse and My Library so you can preview fonts using your preferred language script.
  • The Typetester can be used to filter out typefaces that don’t contain the script or characters you require. Just enter your text into the Type Tester in the script you’re searching for, and only typefaces that support all the typed-in characters will appear in your results.

Updated language order on the language filter and on font and family pages.

  • The language filter will now show more non-Latin languages in the top 10. Individual Latin-based languages have been removed from top 10 and ‘Latin’ has been added as the first language as a group for all Latin-based languages.
  • On the font and family pages, the Supported Languages section will now show languages in alphabetical order for easy searching.

Unified usage reporting.

  • Web project and Digital ads reports will now be available under the Usage tab instead of the Reports tab.
  • The Reports tab has been removed to allow a single unified Usage tab for all reporting.
  • The UI of the Usage tab has been updated slightly for better navigation between different reports.

UI & Security Fixes.

June 10, 2022

Monotype Fonts.

New AI-driven Monotype Tags enhance the discovery experience:

  • 19 new Monotype Tags let you search for typefaces by mood and feel.
  • The Tags are built using our AI/ML engine, meaning that description-led search results are more accurate and relevant than ever before.
  • Monotype Tags will be the first suggestions shown when using the search bar.
  • The search bar will suggest relevant Monotype Tags if you search for a synonym. e.g. If you search for ‘Friendly’ the ‘Casual’ Tag will be suggested.
  • Monotype Tags results will be automatically sorted based on best-match relevancy instead of popularity, so the most relevant results always appear first.
  • You can combine multiple Monotype Tags for a more specific set of results. Once a Monotype Tag is applied, only the available matching tags are displayed for selection.

Shared Library for Company Admins:

  • The new Shared Library will give better visibility and control to Company Admins on their library structure.
  • Any asset that is shared with at least one more person than the creator will become part of the Shared Library and Company Admins will be able to view and manage those assets.
  • Company Admins will be able to search for any asset by name and filter shared assets by asset type and asset creator.
  • Asset hierarchy will be shown for all assets (even if the parent asset is not a shared asset) so Admins have better visibility.
  • Admins can modify access to shared assets from the Shared Library tabular view, or click on the asset name and manage them from the asset page. This includes modifying access, editing details, removing fonts, copying, subsetting, etc.
  • Currently, Company Admins will not be able to move or add fonts to these assets.

Additional updates:

  • The custom date filter on the Usage tab will only show months and years.
  • Upon company expiration or trial expiration all company users will be logged out of the web and desktop app automatically on next refresh.
  • Invite users is being rate limited with 5 requests per minute limit.

May 11, 2022

Monotype App,

Version 6.0.0 MAC

Easily search your font library using filters

  • New filtering options allow you to search fonts by style (e.g. serif, sans serif), visual properties (e.g. weight, width) and language.
  • Discover all fonts installed on your local system, and see them displayed alongside fonts synced from Monotype Fonts. Users will be able to filter fonts by source (Monotype, Local and Adobe)
  • View the font format of each style on family detail page.
  • A new in-app notification center provides you with the latest news on feature updates, font releases and much more.
  • Detection of potentially conflicting font management apps triggers a warning message and suggestion to quit the conflicting app.
  • You can resize the app window by simply dragging it from an edge.

April 22, 2022

Monotype Fonts.

Better manage your imported fonts:

  • New filters refine searching of imported fonts. Filter by web fonts/desktop fonts, and private tags.
  • You can now update license counts in bulk and apply private tags to multiple imported fonts in one go.
  • Private tags applied to imported font families will be auto applied to all styles under that family and any private tag applied to a style will be visible on the font family row.
  • Some bug fixes also included with this release.

Improvements to My Library:

  • All new web projects will be optimized for better performance and include: 
    • Support for “font-display:swap” property in the @font-face declaration of all web fonts so that in case of latency the text can render with default system fonts on the web page in the meantime and page loads faster without having to wait for the font files to load completely from CDN.
    • Use of pre-connect URL in the embed code CSS so that DNS resolution is preempted and web fonts load faster.
    • Loading woff2 files before woff files, which are up to 60% more efficient, and decrease load times.
    • Enabling Opentype features by default so that a user not using subsetting can make use of all properties of the web font in the project instead of having to explicitly enable it from subsetting modal.
  • The synced fonts page now shows the total number of families and the total number of fonts currently synced to the user's machine. The list of synced fonts is now paginated.
  • The 'sync all' button now displays the total number of fonts that will be synced by clicking it.
  • Emails that go out to users when a new library list or project is shared with them will now include the name of the company in addition to the name of the user who shared the list/project to avoid confusions to users with multiple company accounts/logins.

Improvements on Browse and family pages:

  • Preview pangrams will now be the same across font families to more easily compare different fonts.
  • Preview font size selected by a user will be maintained while they browse so their preference is remembered next time they land on a Browse page.
  • Hovering over a variable font will show an animated preview of the variable font demonstrating its variable properties.
  • You can now expand multiple family rows at once to view all styles, without collapsing any previously expanded family. 
  • Styles under a family when expanded will now be lazy loaded for better experience.
  • A 'Select all' feature has been added in a limited capacity to allow users to select all filtered fonts at once and perform bulk actions. The select all option will appear only when the filtered results are less than or equal to 50 families as that is the maximum limit for bulk actions.
  • Private tags applied to families will be auto applied to all of the styles under them and any private tag applied to a style will be visible on the family row.

Improvements on the Manage section (for company admins):

  • While deactivating a user, company admins can now select a new user to be the owner of all assets created by the user being deactivated.
  • Company admins can now revoke an invite sent which is not yet accepted by the user instead of waiting for 14 days for the invite to auto-cancel. There is also a new tab available on the Users page where all pending invites will be listed instead of the Active users tab.
  • Roles that are not in use or assigned to any user can now be deleted.
  • User email addresses can now be updated by company admins, as long as the new email address is not associated with another user on any Monotype Fonts customer account. In this case, company admins will have to request our support team to merge the two users.
  • A new role permission has been added to restrict freelancers or contractors, so they can only see or share assets with those that are part of the teams assigned to them, rather than having visibility of the entire company structure. 
  • The new top header with universal search bar is now available on all pages of the platform including the Manage section.

Other improvements:

  • New trial users will be asked to self-identify themselves as Individuals, Agencies or Businesses when they log in for the first time. This will enable personalized onboarding and support as well as suggestions on curated plans for them.  
  • Users can now send a request to their admins to invite teammates to their company account for collaboration. Admins will receive a notification about such requests and will see all such requests under the ‘Invited’ tab on the Users page from where they can approve or reject any request. An invitation link will be sent to the new user when the admin approves the request.

April 06, 2022

Monotype Fonts.

Font inspiration and artwork on Browse and font family pages:

  • New ‘Inspiration view’ on Browse where artwork or font-in-use examples are displayed instead of preview text.
  • Artwork section added to font family pages below the type tester where you can see multiple artworks or font-in-use examples.
  • Improved UI on the Grid view and Inspiration view
  • Type tester, font size slider, family sorter and page header on Browse is now sticky and doesn’t disappear on scrolling.

Universal search bar and new navigation bar:

  • The search bar has been moved to the top header navigation bar and can now be universally accessed from any page. 
  • Top header navigation bar has been revamped to include the search bar and Resources section. The secondary header (previously Discover section) is removed.
  • Help Center link has been moved to the user profile dropdown

Improvements to My Library:

  • My Library page load times have been reduced considerably when there are a large number of assets created or shared with a user.
  • Font family counts in addition to font counts will be displayed on a font list, web project and digital ad pages.
  • For CCJK web fonts, if subsetted heuristically using language-based subsetting, web font size will be displayed as a range of smallest to largest subset instead of a sum of all subsets to avoid confusion on file size and performance of heuristically subsetted web fonts. 
  • Directory structure of web font folders and web font names in the WFS v2 self-hosting kits has been changed to be more meaningful and easily understandable. 

Other improvements:

  • Trial users will now be redirected to the plans page when they click on the upgrade button on the top header.
  • When selecting a custom date for usage data in the Usage tab, the last 14 days will be shown by default. 

March 09, 2022

Monotype Fonts.

New options for how fonts are displayed on Browse and My Library:

  • Option to hide/show the filters pane when on the Browse page.
  • Ability to remove font previews by reducing the text preview size to 0 px on Browse and My Library. Removing the preview means just the font/family name is displayed, allowing you to view more per page.

Improvements to in-app usage reporting:

  • View usage by people, enabling admins to view top users in their accounts.
  • New options to view the last 90 days' usage data and custom date selection (up to a maximum of 90 days at once).
  • Full historical usage data available for accounts, viewable up to 90 days at once.

February 24, 2022

Monotype Fonts.

  • Updates to the browse page
    • Ability to select multiple fonts when using the browse page and apply actions to selected fonts in bulk, including syncing all selected fonts, or adding them to a font list, digital ad or web project.
    • New grid view option available when browsing fonts in addition to the default list view.
  • Company Admins are now able to import web fonts(WOFF and WOFF2 font formats) and manage them alongside all other imported desktop fonts in the Imported Fonts dashboard.
    • Users, after being granted access to imported web fonts by an Admin, can add them to web projects and digital ads.
    • Users can use imported web fonts in web projects like they would with Monotype inventory fonts, with the ability to subset imported web fonts, download self-hosting kits, or use Monotype’s hosted web fonts service using the ‘embed code’ option.
    • Users can share imported web fonts like inventory fonts by sharing web projects or digital ad with their team members.
    • Fonts in the Imported Fonts dashboard now have a font format label that indicates whether they are a TTF, OTF, WOFF or WOFF2 font. Family rows have icons displayed next to them to indicate whether the imported font family contains web fonts, desktop fonts, or both.
  • Updated UX for applying bulk actions to imported fonts on the Imported Fonts page.
  • Users on a free trial will now be directed to the Monotype Fonts subscription plans page once their trial expires.
  • Added the ability to update emails for SSO users.


October 04, 2021

Monotype Fonts, version 5.2.3.

Monotype App font management improvements. 

  • Easily un-sync a family directly from the font row.

  • Ability to disable all fonts in one go by choosing to deactivate all.

  • If required, there is an option to remove all fonts by clicking on unsync all button.

  • View and add your favourite families to your Library whilst within the app.

  • Enhanced to UX to identify installed font format and assist in choosing the correct format for missing font activation.

  • Detect & Activate missing fonts in PDF for Acrobat 2020 and proceed with high-quality printing.

  • Support to configure HTTPS proxy server for all communications between app & servers.

  • Multiple users on a single Windows workstation (Virtual machine) can concurrently use Monotype App. To support this, there are 2 install options: per user install and per machine install. For more info, check out the app installation page.

August 26, 2021

Monotype Fonts.


  • Ungated Help Center & Resources: All Help Center & Resources pages can now be accessed without needing a login. Allowing prospects to go through our studio content & functional resources.
  • Better discovery for Variable fonts: Variable Fonts filter added on search page to filter the families having variable fonts in it.
  • Type tester & Text Size slider has been added to My Library pages including font lists, web projects & digital ads for better preview.
  • Text size slider added to Search page to adjust text sizes on font & family rows.
  • My Library assets can now be created on the fly directly from the “Add to” modal.
  • While fetching search results the search filters will be disabled until results are loaded.
  • SSO users can now onboard through the Desktop app. No need to login to web portal first.
  • Multiple users can be added to a Team in a single go.
  • New users can be assigned Teams while being invited to join the company.
  • Users can be restricted to create any My Library asset, including font lists, folders, web project and digital ads, based on role permission.
  • Admins can now export a list of all users in their company or a filtered subset.
  • On the SSO tab the list of all unmapped SSO groups can now be collapsed/expanded for a neater view.

August 12, 2021

Monotype Fonts.


  • Enterprise Analytics: Admins can now view number of syncs and downloads for fonts and font families on their account by going to the Usage tab under Manage section.
  • Web Font Service 2.0 powered Web Projects & Digital ads are here. 
    • The new web font technology makes the web fonts load faster on your websites while making it is more simpler for your web developers to work with web fonts.
    • For ease of use, we have kept the experience & flow of creating, managing & hosting the web font projects same as before with new tools & enhancements being added subtly in the existing flow.
    • More subsetting options.
      • All Characters subsetting option has been introduced which will include all glyphs supported by the web font in the project kit. This will be the default subsetting for all web fonts.
      • Common Character subsetting has been enhanced to include all glyphs & characters of Basic Latin, Latin-1 supplement & Latin Extended-A Unicode blocks to provide for a better coverage of most frequently used characters of Latin based languages.
      • Language based subsetting has been enhanced to support subsetting for all major languages & written systems of the world.
      • Dynamic subsetting for CJK web fonts has been retired due to its dependency on JavaScript and slower font load times impacting the performance of the websites. JavaScript embed code has been retired as well.
      • CJK web fonts can now be subsetted using any of the available subsetting options. Recommended would be to subset based on languages.
    • Heuristics based subsetting for CJK web fonts.
      • While using language based subsetting if any of the CJK languages are selected, then the web font will be heuristically subsetted automatically for faster performance.
      • Heuristic subsetting provides pre-sliced subsets of characters based on frequency of usage of the characters in a language. This helps browsers to quickly render fonts in right style as the CDN delivers only that subset which contains the requested glyphs instead of it having to subset the font file in real time as browser makes request for each set of glyphs, causing the browse to take more time to render the text in correct style in case of dynamic subsetting.
      • Web projects containing CJK web fonts can now be used with CSS embed code and/or can be self hosted.
    • Fewer styles enabled by default for better performance
    • Standard font-family names & additional font properties.
    • Faster Self Hosting Kit download.
    • Better page view & impressions tracking.
    • Use of Unicode ranges to load font subsets for faster font rendering.
    • Third-party (Imported) web fonts hosting support (Coming Soon!)  


July 14, 2021

Monotype Fonts.

Typographic Features.

  • You will be able to search for fonts based on typographic features like Ligatures, Fractions, Shaping, Spacing etc.

  • TheAboutsection on the Font & Family pages will display the list of typographic features supported by that font/family.

June 14, 2021

Monotype Fonts.


  • Filter your search results based on the Contrast visual property of fonts.

  • Search results to show font previews based on the applied filters, e.g. if you search forBlackletter fonts, the results will display the preview of Blackletterstyles of the applicable font families.

June 03, 2021

Monotype Fonts.

Discover alternatives to top fonts from other foundries.

  • You can now view alternatives to top fonts from other foundries from the search bar quick-suggestions roll-out.


  • View the most popular fonts higher in the search results on the search bar quick-suggestions roll-out and on the Browse page.

New foundry added.


May 18, 2021

Monotype Fonts.

Enhanced font discovery with visual properties filter.

  • Refine your search results using new visual sliders for font weight, width, x-height & slant.

Third-party fonts.

  • You can now quickly add multiple third-party fonts to one or more font lists in one go from the third-party font management page.

Improvements & Fixes.

  • Easily search for any language to apply its filter on the search results.

  • Unsupported characters entered in the typetester on the Browse page will be displayed as tofus on the family row previews instead of in fallback font.

  • Desktop only fonts will not show option to be added to web projects or digital ads.

  • Bug fixes around search, where empty results were visible in font rows due to data inconsistencies.


April 22, 2021

Monotype Fonts.

New & improved classification data.

  • AI generated new classification data for Monotype IP fonts will enable more accurate search results for font classifications.

Third-party fonts.

  • Third-party fonts with size up to 30MB can now be uploaded to Monotype Fonts.

  • You can now update the share access of multiple third-party fonts in one go.

Improvements & Fixes.

  • New improved web project & digital ad reporting with more accuracy & pagination.

  • SSO multi-team mapping - If you are part of multiple SSO groups, you will be associated with all the teams mapped to those SSO groups.

  • Font format prioritization - You can now request us to set format prioritization on your account so that you have better control over which file format your creative users install by default in case the font is available in multiple file formats, e.g. Opentype Pro CFF v/s Opentype Std CFF or Opentype Pro CFF v/s Opentype Pro TTF. Contact customer support to avail this feature.

New Foundry added.

April 08, 2021

Monotype Fonts.

Font Management.

  • Syncing a family from a font list will only sync the styles of the family that were explicitly added to that font list.

  • If a My Library folder is shared with other users with ‘Can edit’ permission then these users will not be able to add, delete or edit assets under that folder. They will only be able to add and remove fonts to/from the assets under that folder.


  • In case the browsed font family is no longer available on Monotype Fonts, you will be redirected to the Browse page with similar results.

  • Designer names will be sorted alphabetically on the search bar quick-suggestions roll-out.

Family Pages.

  • You will now be able to easily change & compare the styles of a family on the family page type tester with the new style selection dropdown.

March 25, 2021

Monotype Fonts.

Font Management.

  • Font lists & Web projects will display only those font styles that are added explicitly to these assets instead of all styles of the families. 
  • Advanced install modal on family & font rows on font lists will also display only those styles that are added to the font lists explicitly.
  • Creators who don’t have permission to sync fonts, will see the Sync button in a disabled state. Tooltips will guide them to contact the respective admins if they need this functionality.

User Management.

  • You can now delete inactive users from your account.

Font Similarity.

  • While viewing similar fonts, previews will use same pangram so that it easier to compare fonts.

Improvements & fixes.

  • Monotype Fonts is now HSTS secured. Follow this link to know more.

March 11, 2021

Monotype Fonts.

More accurate & exhaustive language coverage.

  • You can now search for fonts by practically any written language using the Language filter on the Browse page.

Faster My Library Experience.

  • We’ve made significant performance improvements to the My Library including pagination support so even your larger font lists open faster.

  • Families will be sorted alphabetically on the assets & you can jump to any page from the pagination.

Search on Help Center and Resources.

  • You can now easily find resources & help articles using the search on the Help Center & Resources pages.

New foundries added.

February 24, 2021

Monotype Fonts.


  • Fonts on the Browse page will be displayed in the order of popularity when no string is searched for explicitly.

  • The family rows on the Browse page now display more information such as style counts, foundry name & previewed style name.

Font information.

  • Default font format that will be synced/downloaded when the sync/download button is clicked, will now be displayed below the Sync button on font & family rows.

February 08, 2021

Monotype Fonts.

New Font Similarity extends to Font Styles.

  • New "Find Similar Fonts" option is now available on the font style pages.

  • Similar button on Font pages will show the results on the Browse page, where you can also use advanced filtering options to narrow down results.

Improvements and fixes.

  • UI improvements on the search bar quick-suggestions roll-out for better search experience

January 19, 2021

Monotype Fonts.

A new and improved Similar fonts engine.

  • Greater coverage — Our improved AI engine now covers more than 92% of our font library when searching for "Similar" fonts to provide wider, more accurate results. This functionality also extends to third-party font uploads.

  • Advanced filters — You can also use advanced filtering options to narrow down Similar font results on the Browse page. Head over to theBrowsesection to try it out now.

Improvements and fixes.

  • Enhanced features to deliver a better experience with font discovery and management, logging in, and more.

  • Incorporated several bug fixes and performance improvements under the hood.

  • Implemented security updates.

January 04, 2021

Monotype App.

What’s new?

  • Figma auto-activation support added— the Monotype App can now automatically detect and activate fonts missing in your Figma files while using the Figma Desktop App.

What’s improved?

  • Working with Adobe InDesign: We’ve made significant performance improvements to the Monotype App so even your larger InDesign documents open faster.

Other fixes.

  • We’ve fixed the app’s icon visibility in the macOS menu bar for both, light and dark modes.

  • We’ve improved the app’s performance during intermittent network unavailability.


December 23, 2020

Monotype App.

Your library, now within your Monotype App.

  • The Monotype App now includes My Library, listing your library structure and contents along with font groups shared with you. The new My Library view in the Monotype App makes it faster and easier to sync the right fonts for your projects without having to leave your authoring environment.

  • You can view, activate and deactivate fonts contained in font lists individually, or font lists as a whole.

  • Actions related to web projects and digital ads must be performed using the Monotype Fonts online service. My Library in the Monotype App will provide direct links to web projects and digital ads.

Faster font reactivation.

  • We’ve improved the app’s performance so you experience faster reactivation of your fonts when logging in again on the same system.

November 19, 2020

Monotype Fonts.


  • The search bar now also displays font Creator matches—Foundries & Teams—in the quick-suggestions roll-out when you type.

Font & family pages.

  • Font Classification and supported Languages details are now shown in your browsing language.

November 04, 2020

Monotype Fonts.


Font & family pages.

  • Font and family description information is now also available in French and German languages.

  • A unique "Material Number" for all fonts is now displayed on font pages, and for the default font-variant on family pages.

October 21, 2020

Monotype Fonts.

Third-party fonts.

  • Font file upload-limit increased: Up to 2,000 third-party font files can now be uploaded at once.
  • The Characters view on a third-party family page can now display all supported font glyphs.

Font information.

  • Font & family pages: Link to fonts’ parent Foundry added to the About section.


Older release notes.

Oct 14th, 2020

Web Application

  • On the 3PF management page
    • Admins will be able to delete entire 3PF family
    • Admins will be able to share access of entire 3PF family with other users & teams.
    • Admins will be able to add/remove tags from the 3PF upload screen in bulk
  • On deletion of any root level library project, users will be shown the first available library project instead of the favourites page.

Oct 06, 2020

Desktop Application ver. 4.3.0 - for both Mac and Windows

    • Windows 7 support
  • NTLM user authentication supported

Sep 22, 2020

Web Application

    • On the 3PF management page
      • Admins will be able to sort 3PF on the basis of family name
      • Admins will be able to update the license count at the family level which will update license counts for all fonts of family as well
      • Admins will be able to filter families where there is a license breach based on the license count provided
      • Admins will be able to upload, download and delete a support document at 3P Family level
    • Users will be able to search all families associated with a designer by clicking DESIGNER NAME in the family/font page
    • On opening the My Library page, users will be shown the first available library project instead of the favourites page
  • SSO Mappings enhancements
    • Admins will be able to configure SSO mappings for Azure
    • Admins will NOT be able to change role and teams for users who logged in via a mapped active directory group in SSO mappings
    • Admins will be able to update role and team for users who logged in without a mapped active directory group
  • New foundry added

Sep 10, 2020

Desktop Application ver. 4.2.0 - for both Mac and Windows

  • Localised Desktop App
    • Added support for German and French
    • Users can go to settings to change their language
  • Filename obfuscation removed
    • Now font file names will not be obfuscated while being packaged in documents created in your creative applications like Adobe InDesign

Sep 10, 2020

Web Application

  • New login workflow
    • All mosaic users are now migrated to the new authentication platform
    • Users will have to reset their password to use the new app
  • Enforce SSO Mappings - OKTA
    • Click here to know more
  • New foundry added

Aug 31, 2020

Web Application

  • New third party fonts management page launched with following functionality
    • Third party fonts will be automatically grouped based on their respective families
    • Upload up to 5 license related documents per font
    • Third party fonts will be automatically classified to the right typographic classes
  • New foundries added

Aug 11, 2020

Web Application

  • Users in DACH region will be able to visit the help center

Aug 04, 2020

Desktop Application ver. 4.1.1 - for both Mac and Windows

  • Apple Keynote plug-in changes:
    • Handling of complex filenames
    • Hide missing fonts suggestions if Apple Keynote application or the document is closed

July 30, 2020

Web Application

  • New foundry added - URW
    • URW brings in 205 new famililes

July 21, 2020

Desktop Application ver. 4.1.0 - for both Mac and Windows

  • Desktop app release notes:
    • Users will be able to see What’s New in the new version before installing
  • Auto Activation plugin for Apple Keynote:
    • Missing font detection and Auto-activation supported
    • Go to Settings → Plugins to enable the plugin
  • Font format suggestions for auto activation plugins:
    • After detecting a missing font, Mosaic Desktop app will also suggest different font formats to choose from (e.g. CFF/TTF)
    • All plugins ( Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InCopy, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Apple Keynote & Sketch ) will have this support
  • App visibility setting:
    • Ability to pin the Desktop app to ensure it doesn’t hide if a user clicks outside the window
    • Users can also unpin the app as needed
  • Extended Adobe Illustrator plugin support to other locale’s
  • Updated family details display
  • Various app interface changes and improvements
  • Minor bug fixes and performance improvements

July 15, 2020

Web Application

  • Private tags can be added to Third Party Fonts during upload
  • Enable assigning up to 100 Add-on fonts for customers in a single click

July 1, 2020

Web Application

  • Revamped interface for uploading Third Party Fonts
  • Third party fonts can be searched and filtered based on font classification
  • New foundries (TypeType, Comicraft, The Northern Block) added

Jun 22, 2020

Web Application

  • Newly added third party fonts will be automatically classified, visible on the family page
  • Dashboard interface updates:
    • Enhanced carousel images display
    • Carousel left & right navigation arrows added
    • “New Releases” & “Type Foundries” content added for easier discovery

Jun 2, 2020

Web Application

  • New Email template for sharing My Library assets
  • Auto Logout from Desktop App on company switch and user Deactivation

May 20, 2020

Web Application

  • Improved Search User Experience
  • Option to either deactivate users with or without transferring assets
    • All the assets can be transferred to the co-owner or Company’s Primary Contact when a user is removed from an account
  • Version information added for Third Party fonts in My Library

May 7, 2020

Web Application

  • Monotype welcomes Fontfabric
    • 59 font families from Fontfabric are now available on Monotype
    • Use the Foundry filter on the search page to explore

April 30, 2020

Web Application

  • New My Library
    • Introducing folders
      • Use nestable folders to organize your font lists, web projects and digital ads
      • Font sets have been renamed to font lists
      • Folders can contain subfolders, font lists, web project and digital ads
      • You can move things into folders from the ellipsis menu next to the name
    • New “Add to” button across the application
      • Used to add a font or family to a font list or web project within the new folder structure
      • No more working yourself through the snaking drop down list
    • Flexible sharing
      • Sharing can be configured at any level in a nested folder structure and cascades down
      • A user who is shared a folder will have access to anything that is contained in that folder
      • A nested folder or font list can be shared with additional users or teams
  • Search improvements
    • Faceted search filters
      • Filters show the number of matches for each filter selection
      • Filter options and match count change according to search results
    • Search scope expanded
      • results now include matches for families, fonts, tags, font styles, languages and designers
      • Auto-complete search UI updated
    • Improved partial matching
      • Improved results for multi-word search
      • Search for “Trade Gothic LT Pro” will return Trade Gothic
  • New Sync button throughout application
    • Sync is now consistent terminology throughout application (previously used Install)
    • Sync, Advanced Sync and Download consolidated within single button
    • Shows “synced” state and enables “unsync” on hover
  • New Font page
    • Updated to complement the new design of the Family page

March 30, 2020

Desktop Application ver. 4.0.0 - Mac and Windows versions

  • Auto-activation
    • Support for Sketch added
    • Performance improvements for Photoshop auto-activation

March 16, 2020

Web Application

  • SSO Group Mapping
    • When Users log in through your SSO system, you can use SSO Groups to automatically configure these Users within Mosaic
    • Read about the details in the Help Center
  • Fontsmith inventory release
    • Following our acquisition of Fontsmith, the Fontsmith library is now available in Mosaic
    • Fontsmith added as a selection in the Foundry filter on Search page

February 12, 2020

Web Application

  • Third Party Font Management
    • Partial matching for search
    • “Upload date” and “Uploaded by” columns added
      • “Upload date” will be populated for previously uploaded fonts
      • “Uploaded by” will only populate for fonts uploaded going forward
    • “give access to entire company” will now grant access to Users who join subsequent to this toggle being enabled
  • “Similar to” button added to new Family Page
    • Clicking on this button at the top of the Family Page will display a list of similar Families

February 11, 2020

Web Application

  • Web Font Format Support
    • Web Font kits now only contain WOFF and WOFF2 formats - SVG, EOT, TTF will no longer be included
    • All browsers support WOFF and WOFF2, so there should be no need for the older formats
    • If there is a need for the older format, our customer support team can provide them

January 30, 2020

Web Application

  • Session Time-out
    • Users will be logged out from the Mosaic web portal after 8 hours of inactivity
    • This is required for an upcoming feature that will allow more seamless User onboarding via customer SSO systems
    • This has no effect on the Desktop App or SkyFonts
  • New Family Page
    • We have been working on a new Family Page. For further testing, we have released the new page for A/B testing
    • Approximately half of the Users will see the new Family Page while the other half will continue to see the previous version
    • We plan to make any necessary adjustments and fully release the new Family Page soon
  • Version number for uploaded Third Party fonts
    • When multiple fonts with the same name are uploaded via the Third Party Font fetaure, the version number for such fonts will be displayed on both the Family Page and the Third Party Font management page

January 28, 2020

Desktop Application ver. 3.0.0 - Windows version

  • Auto-activation
    • Automatically activate missing fonts from Mosaic inventory when opening popular Adobe documents
    • Support for Illustrator, InCopy, InDesign and Photoshop
  • Font activation and deactivation
    • Activate and deactivate synced fonts to de-clutter font menu

January 14, 2020

Desktop Application ver. 3.0.0 - Mac only (Windows version coming soon!)

  • Auto-activation
    • Automatically activate missing fonts from Mosaic inventory when opening popular Adobe documents
    • Support for Illustrator, InCopy, InDesign and Photoshop
  • Font activation and deactivation
    • Activate and deactivate synced fonts to de-clutter font menu

January 6, 2020

Web Application

  • Tiered Company
    • Companies can be organized into Parent-Child hierarchy
    • Admin Users from the Parent can act as an Admin for the Child Companies and manage them

November 19, 2019

Web Application

  • Improvements to Search
    • Tags shown in auto-complete
    • Clicking on Tag shows all Families with that Tag
  • Updates to Search Results page
    • Native language sample text for non-Latin families
    • Filter by sub-category for Styles
    • Filter by Foundry

November 1, 2019

Web Application

  • Updates to Search Results page
    • Submitted search term is now retained in the search box
    • Sorting by Relevance or Alphabetically

October 14, 2019

Desktop Application - version 2.1.0

  • Auto detection of proxy from config file - during remote deployment
    • For IT-driven remote deployment, IT can define the proxy setting in a config file
    • When config file is included in remote deployment, proxy will be automatically configured for each installation
  • Automatically detect system proxy setting
    • Under proxy settings, you can now click “auto detect” to get the system level proxy configuration

October 3, 2019

Desktop Application - version 2.0.0

  • Support for IT-driven app deployment
    • .pkg and .msi files to enable remote deployment of the app
    • Available now to be delivered offline to customer - reach out to Customer Support

September 24, 2019

Web Application

  • Updates to Third Party Font Management page
    • Message displayed at the top of the page if “In Use” is greater than “Number of Licenses” for any Third Party Font
    • Fonts for which “In Use” is greater than “Number of Licenses” are highlighted in red
    • You can also apply a filter to only see the highlighted fonts

September 19, 2019

Desktop Application - version 2.0.0

  • Configure Proxy settings in the App
    • You can now configure Proxy setting through a UI in the desktop app
    • Http-based Proxy supported through IP address or PAC file
  • Basic troubleshooting
    • This option makes it easy for a user to resolve network access issues
  • Log collection
    • Collect and share log files to facilitate faster resolution of support cases
  • Bug Fixes

September 3, 2019

Web Application

  • Controlling access to uploaded Third Party Fonts
    • Admins can now assign Users and/or Teams to have access to uploaded Third Party Fonts. Just click on the edit icon in the “Users with access” column to open the assignment modal.
    • All Users will be able to see all uploaded Third Party Fonts
    • Only Users that have been assigned access can install or download.
    • “In Use” and “Users with Access” columns, as well as search functionality, added to Third Party Font management page
  • Search by Private Tag
    • Search results now include matches to Private Tags
    • Inclusion of Private Tag matches in inline search coming soon
  • Expanded coverage for French and German translations
    • Most of the UI elements and notifications are now translated to French and German. You can select your preferred language from the user profile menu.

August 14, 2019

Web Application

  • Add Family to a Font Set from the new Family Page
    • We’re continuing to add functionality to the new font family page. You can now add a font family to a Font Set from the new page.
  • Updated Third Party Font Management Page (For Admins only)
    • Uploaded font name separated into Family Name and Style Name
    • “No. of Licenses” field added - Admin users can now manually enter number of licenses acquired for the font
    • Additional enhancements to this page to assign access of uploaded fonts to specific users coming soon

July 31, 2019

Web Application

  • Redesigned Sharing Panel
    • We’ve given the sharing panel a UI update to help make sharing Font Sets and Web Projects and change permissions type for a user/group easier.
  • User profile drop down available on new Family page

July 18, 2019

Web Application

  • Beta version of new Family Page
    • We’ve been working on a new version of the font family page and have released a work in progress. You can navigate to a beta version of the new page from the existing page.
  • Unassign Private Tag
    • It’s now possible to unassign a Private Tag from a Family or Font
    • Any Company Admin or the User who originally assigned the Private Tag can unassign it

July 3, 2019

Web Application

  • Groups renamed to Teams
    • Groups page has been redesigned and renamed Teams

June 25, 2019

Desktop Application – version 1.2.0

  • Family details available in desktop app UI
    • Clicking on a font family in the desktop app displays an overlay with the list of fonts in the family
    • Individual fonts can be uninstalled from the desktop app

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