How to Manage Users

Learn how to invite, deactivate, and set access permissions for users and teams.

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Defining user access to the Monotype Fonts platform is easy. Learn how to invite, deactivate, and set access permissions for users and teams.

How do I invite new users?

To invite new users to your company, first click on the Invite new users button in the top-right corner of the Users section.

In the Invite users to your company dialog, enter a list of the email addresses of users you’d like to invite. You can use a comma to separate individual addresses.

You will need to assign the proper roles for your users upon inviting them by clicking the drop-down menu. Optionally, you may also choose to pre-assign users to one or more teams.

Once you've entered the email addresses of users you'd like to invite, click the Send button to send them an invitation link via email.

Existing users already set up on Monotype Fonts can request that their admins add new users to the platform. Every request should include all pertinent details, as the pending requests will be reviewed by admins in the Invited tab.

What are pending invites?

Pending invites are user invites that have not been accepted yet. Invitations last for 14 days, after which the link sent to the invited user’s email address will automatically expire.

Review all pending invitations in the Invited tab of the Users section.


Rather than waiting the 14 days for the invite to auto-cancel, admins can also revoke a sent invite that has not yet been accepted by the user.


Where do I find a list of all users?

You can find a list of all users by clicking the Users tab on the dashboard.

The list of users is present in a tabular format, divided into columns containing the following details:

  • Users: Displays users’ names, email addresses, and profile photos

  • SSO group: In the case of users logging into Monotype Fonts via single sign-on, this column displays the name of the group they belong to (groups in Monotype Fonts are usually mapped to those defined in your company’s active directory system, while unmapped users are automatically included in a “default” group)

  • Team: Name(s) of the team(s) your users belong to

  • Role: Role(s) assigned to your users

  • Last Active Date: Last login date for the user.

  • Action: Provides the option to activate, deactivate, or delete a user.

How do I find a particular user?

The search bar at the top of the Users list allows you to run a quick search for a particular user at your company.


The + Add filters button next to the user search bar allows you to filter the user list based on user roles and teams.

How do I revoke user access?

To revoke access to the Monotype Fonts platform and all synced fonts, an admin must deactivate the user. Deactivation is the best way to terminate the access of an employee who’s no longer with the company, as deactivated accounts can no longer access the Monotype Fonts platform and all synced fonts. It also frees up a seat to be reassigned as needed.

Deactivated accounts can be reactivated later, or fully deleted from the platform.

How do I deactivate or reactivate a user?

To deactivate a user, make sure you’re on the Active tab in the Users section.

Click Deactivate from the Action column for the user account you need to deactivate.

Note: When you deactivate a user having any asset, you will be notified and asked about the user you want to transfer these assets to. You can transfer the ownership of the assets from a deactivated users to any other user. Enter the email or name of the user and click Transfer ownership & deactivate. You can also click Deactivate user without transferring.

To reactivate a user, click the Inactive tab.

Click Activate from the Action column for the user account that you need to reactivate.

What are roles?

Roles are customized sets of permissions for users and teams at your company. Your Monotype Fonts account comes with two pre-existing non-editable roles: "Admin" and "Full Access." You can create up to five additional custom roles according to the needs of your teams.

How do I create roles?

To create custom role, click on the + New User Role next to the Roles header.

You can pick and choose the permissions associated with every role you create.

What are the permissions that I can configure for my custom roles?

There are four kinds of permissions you can configure for your custom roles:

  1. Font syncing

    • Install any font or family: Allows users to sync any font or family from the inventory using the Monotype App

    • Install any font or family from a shared font list only: Allows users to sync only fonts and families included in the font lists shared with them using the Monotype App

  2. Font downloads

    • Download font files: Gives users the ability to download any of the fonts or families from the inventory

    • Download font files from shared font list only: Allows users to download only fonts and families included in the font lists shared with them

  3. Web fonts

    • Download web font projects SHKs: Allows users to download self-hosting kits (SHKs) for web fonts

    • Access to web project embed code: Allows users to generate Javascript and CSS embed codes for web fonts

  4. Organize & share

    • Create My Library assets: Gives users the ability to create My Library assets

    • Share assets: Allows you to specify whether users can share assets with anyone in the company or with their respective teams only

What are teams?

Teams are admin-defined user groups. Admins can use teams to streamline library access and collaboration, and to gain insights into the different groups working with your organization’s fonts.

How do I create and delete a team?

To create a team, click + Create new team next to the Teams title.

In the New Team dialog, enter a Name and Description (optional) for your team.

Click Done to finish creating your team.

To delete a team, click on the name of the team you wish to delete, and in the team dialog, click the Delete team button in the top-right corner.


How do I add and remove users to a team?

To add users to your team, click on the name of a team you would like to add users to.


In the team dialog, under Add users to this team, add users by typing in their email address of name and clicking on the Add button.


Click Done to finish adding users to your team.


To remove users from a team, click on the name of the team you wish to remove users from. In the team dialog, remove a user by clicking on the remove icon (indicated by a trash can symbol) beside their name.


You can also search for particular users using the search bar at the top of the dialog.


Click Done to finish making edits to your team.

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