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Localized Monotype Fonts

Choose your preferred language to use Monotype Fonts

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This section describes the language support offered by Monotype Fonts. It also includes the steps to change the languages within Monotype Fonts and provides details about the localized chat support.

Monotype Fonts (including web platform, desktop application, help center, and chat support) is delivered globally and its content is localized in the following languages:

  • English (US)

  • French/Français

  • German/Deutsch

  • Spanish/Español

The localized content does not include:

Font names, font tags, font format types, font family names, any proper nouns (like user name, group name, domain name, role name, company name, division name, team name, inventory assigned to a company, language filter, foundry filter, private tags, designer names, lists, and web project name), styles filter, advanced typography filters, sources filter, segment heading (like "basic latin", "latin-1 supplement"), numbers (like seat number and number of companies), URLs, code examples, error codes, error messages (for APIs), and music (in video tutorials).

Note: All the above are available in the language used to create them preferably English (US).

Benefits of localized Monotype Fonts

  1. Allows you to use Monotype Fonts in your preferred language.

  2. Improves collaboration with cross-functional global teams.

  3. Enhances font discovery experience by allowing you to browse the typeface in your preferred language.

  4. Localized content is more relevant and improves user experience.

Choosing your preferred language

You can customize the language in which you want to view or use Monotype Fonts. Use the dropdown menu next to your username to select your preferred language.

Monotype Fonts web platform

  1. Log in to the Monotype Fonts web platform.

  2. Click the dropdown menu next to your username at the upper-right corner.

  3. Select your preferred language from the Language dropdown menu.

Monotype Desktop App

  1. Click on the dropdown menu next to your username at the upper-left corner.

  2. Click Settings to open the Settings page.

  3. Select your preferred language from the Language dropdown menu.

Monotype Fonts help center

  1. Click at the upper-right corner.

  2. Select your preferred language from the dropdown menu.

Note: The content in the video tutorials is in English (US) with subtitles in French and German.

Monotype Fonts customer support

Click to experience localized chat support within our Monotype Fonts web platform and Monotype Desktop App v7.1.0.

  • Chat support is offered 24 hours a day Mon-Fri.

  • Chat localization is based on your device settings. For example, if your laptop/desktop’s language is set to English (EN), you will see the EN chat option.

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