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Discovering and Browsing
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Discover: Your dashboard.

The central gateway to your Monotype experience.

When you log in to your Monotype Fonts account, the dashboard is the very first page you’re greeted with. It is the central gateway to your entire Monotype experience—browsing fonts, reading through the knowledge base, collaborating with your teams, or managing your entire company. Whether you’re looking for inspiration or searching for that perfect font for your next project, your journey begins at your Monotype Fonts dashboard.

The hero carousel.

As its name suggests, the hero carousel draws your attention to Monotype Fonts' latest and greatest typeface releases. They’re supplemented by beautiful artwork from the design teams at Monotype and our partner foundries, helping inspire you to incorporate them into your next project.


Type styles.

The Type styles list provides a quick start to your font discovery journey. Click on any of the styles to immediately start browsing Monotype’s inventory of fonts in that style category.


New releases.

Similar to the hero carousel, "New releases" is a more exhaustive list of the latest font releases. Clicking on any of the font tiles will take you to the font family page, where you can test drive fonts you like.


Type foundries.

The Type foundries carousel is a list of the world-class type foundries whose fonts are available as part of your Monotype Fonts subscription. Click on a foundry tile to discover the best the industry has to offer.


Trending fonts.

The Trending fonts carousel shows you which fonts are being purchased/downloaded most frequently worldwide, keeping you abreast of the latest design industry trends.


Personal recommendations.

As you scroll down past the trending fonts carousel, you will see carousels of personalized recommendations from our AI-driven similarity engine, based on the fonts you’ve previously synced, downloaded, or favorited.


New additions.

The New additions carousel highlights some of the latest font families added to the Monotype Fonts inventory.



The Collections carousel provides quick access to font collections hand-picked by some of the most renowned names in the design industry. For more, head over to the Collections page.


Fonts by industry-leading type designers.

Scrolling down further will serve fonts from the type design industry's biggest names.

And you can always keep scrolling even further to see font recommendations by style, use case, and more.

The Browse section.

All of Monotype Fonts, at your fingertips.

The Browse section provides access to the entire Monotype Fonts inventory. It lists all the font families, including powerful filters that help you narrow down your font choices to those that fit your exact specifications.

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Let’s take a look at the features of the Browse section in greater detail:

Search results and settings toolbar.

This view is a paginated list of font families from the Monotype Fonts library, presented in the form of rows with added functionality. Each family row contains the following:

  • An icon indicating whether that font family is part of the standard Monotype Fonts inventory or comes from a library of third-party fonts uploaded by your Company Admin.

  • The name of the font family with a link to its family details page, where you can test drive that font family, see all the styles and weights it contains, and review the character set it supports

  • A pangram written in one of the styles in that font family, which you can edit by clicking inside the text input bar at the top of the families view

By default, the list of families is sorted by relevance, but you can also sort it by popularity, recency, and alphabetically in ascending or descending order.

Furthermore, clicking on a font family row launches quick view, presenting the list of styles available under the family, accompanied by the actions explained below.

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  • Add to: Add the selected font style to a font list, web project, or digital ad

  • Similar: Search for fonts that are similar to the one currently in focus

  • Sync family: Sync the selected font family via the Monotype App (clicking on the drop-down arrow icon also brings up the “Download & sync options" dialog)

Filters sidebar.

The sidebar in the Browse section contains faceted filters to help you narrow down your font choices based on your specific needs. You can filter your options by style, language style, foundry, and source (i.e., Monotype Fonts or a third party).


Crème de la crème. Hand-picked.

Collections are expert-curated lists of fonts by Monotype type designers and industry leaders—featuring the best fonts based on style, use case, highlights from partner foundries, and more.


Collections are a great source of inspiration as you seek out the perfect font for your next design project. They’re also a rich source of information about the history, influences, and motivations behind the fonts included in these hand-picked lists.


An endlessly useful library of knowledge.

The Resources section is a vast knowledge base for topics pertinent to the digital design industry, complete with expert articles, e-books, case studies, videos, and more.


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