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Monotype Desktop App v7.x.x

Overview of Monotype Desktop App v7.x.x

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Note: The screenshots, figures, and videos included here are only for illustrative purpose. They may differ from actual depending on the OS and settings of your system.

Characteristics of Monotype Desktop App

Monotype Desktop App v7.x.x is a more secure and enhanced version of Monotype Desktop App. Some of its characteristic features are depicted below.

Helper services

The following table describes the helper services that runs on your machine to help Monotype Desktop App function efficiently.

Helper service



It is the backbone process of our application and performs the following functions:

  • User authentication

  • Font syncing and unsyncing

  • Efficient resource utilization


It plays a vital role in the font management ecosystem of our application and performs the following functions:

  • Interacts with the MonotypeFontsService using seamless communication and font synchronization mechanisms

  • Acts as a bridge between the user interface and the core font management processes

  • Facilitates the registration of fonts to your system depending upon your operating system


It ensures continuous operation and availability of the MonotypeFontsService and performs the following functions:

  • Service monitoring: It continuously monitors the status and health of MonotypeFontsService. Checks for signs of activity and ensures that the service is running smoothly without any disruption.

  • Automatic revival: It automatically detects the crash or failure and initiates a prompt revival process to seamlessly restore the functionality.


It is responsible for managing updates within our application and performs the following functions:

  • Update detection: It continuously monitors for the availability of updates for the application. It checks for updates on designated channels or repositories and notifies you when a new update is available.

  • User interactions: It provides wizards for updates and uninstallation which engages with the user at each stage of the update process. It also provides notifications and prompts for user input, ensuring that the user remains informed and involved throughout the process.

  • Download management: Upon user consent, MonotypeFontsUpdater initiates the download of the update package. It manages the download process ensuring reliable and efficient transfer of update files while providing progress of updates to the user.

  • Installation handling: Once the update package is downloaded, MonotypeFontsUpdater coordinates the installation process. It guides the user through the installation steps, handling any necessary configurations or system interactions to ensure a seamless update experience.

  • Uninstallation wizards: It helps the user to uninstall the application.

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