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Troubleshooting Monotype Fonts
Troubleshooting Monotype Fonts

Learn about expected behavior, possible cause, and resolution of known issues in Monotype Fonts

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Monotype Fonts platform and Monotype Desktop App are designed with precision and their interface is self-intuitive. However, sometimes you may encounter technical issues while working on Monotype Fonts.

Based on the expected behavior of Monotype Fonts, this section describes all the known issues, their possible causes, and resolutions.

Refer to this section to troubleshoot and resolve technical issues.

Known issue

Possible cause(s)


Getting tofu symbol for synced fonts on Monotype Fonts or the Monotype Desktop App

  • Some symbol fonts on Monotype Fonts are currently not supported for rendering

  • Fonts marked as Private Use Areas (PUA) are not rendered on the Monotype Desktop App.

  • The font rendering services may have failed due to network fluctuations.

Click the refresh icon on your browser or the app.

Potentially Conflicting Apps warning

This is a warning message that appears on the top of the Monotype Desktop App. It is not an error/issue that you should be concerned about.

It is a notification that has been intentionally added to warn the users of a potentially conflicting app that may be running in the background and will cause issues.

  • Follow the recommendation and quit potentially conflicting apps (like Suitcase or any other font manager)

  • Dismiss the message and continue with your work.

Error while adding fonts to a font list

The limit for adding fonts to a list is 3500.

If you add more than 3500 fonts, the fonts will not be added, and the list will stop behaving as expected.

  • If you already have a list with more than 3500 fonts, you may split the list into two lists or create a new list and add fonts .

  • It is recommended to have 3000 or less fonts in a list for better performance and user experience.

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