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Optimize Company Switching Time by Removing Unused Fonts
Optimize Company Switching Time by Removing Unused Fonts
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If you have a large number of fonts in your system, following this two-step method will help to minimize the time it takes to switch from one account to another.

Step 1: Identify your unused font lists

Over time, you may have built up a large library of fonts, some of which you no longer use.

Head over to your library within the app, and identify the lists that you use the least or don't use at all. These could be lists associated with old projects, or even test lists.


Step 2: Unsync list(s)

Once you’ve identified some lists, head over to the list detail page and click on the vertical ellipsis icon (⋮) to select Unsync list. This will now free up space for better loading times between switches.


Don't worry—these fonts will only be unsynced from your system, and will remain part of your library so they can be reactivated at any time.

Pro tip: Use font lists to organize and sync all your fonts. Organizing fonts into lists makes it quicker and easier to share them with various individuals and teams. It also allows you to perform bulk actions like activating/deactivating an entire list with a single click.

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