Optimize company switching time by removing unused fonts

Parmvir Singh
Parmvir Singh
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If you have large numbers of fonts in your system, then following this 2 step method will help optimize the time switching from one account to another. 

Step 1 - Identify the font lists that are unused.

Over a period of time, it is likely you have built up a great library of fonts and some may not be used as often now.


Head over to your library within the app, and identify the lists that that least used or not in use anymore. These could be old projects or even test lists!


Step 2 - Unsync list(s).

Once you’ve identified some lists, head over to the list detail page and click on the ellipsis icon (3 dots) to select “unsync list”. 

This will now free up space for better loading times between switches. Not to worry! These fonts will only be unsynced from your system and will remain part of your library so they can be reactivated at any time. 


Pro tip.

Use font lists to organize & sync all your fonts. Organizing fonts via lists provides a quicker way to share them with various teams (members) and allows you to perform bulk options like activation/deactivation of a complete list in a single click. 

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