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Parmvir Singh
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Monotype Fonts takes the guesswork out of working with fonts. Whether your team uses Monotype fonts—or fonts from another brilliant foundry—Monotype removes the uncertainty that has long accompanied traditional font workflows.

What is Monotype Fonts?

Monotype Fonts is a cloud-based solution that streamlines font discovery, usage, licensing, and deployment in one enjoyable experience.

Growing font collection.

In addition to Monotype’s font library and new Monotype Studio releases, you’ll also have access to typefaces from the world’s best Foundries and Type Designers. With the most diverse collection of professional-grade fonts at your fingertips, you’re able to find the right font for every project.

Making fonts simple.

A uniform font-activation workflow allows individuals and teams to immediately begin working with the fonts they need when they need them.

Unlimited creative options.

With access to tens of thousands of fonts from the Monotype library and our foundry partners, teams are free to create an unlimited number of prototypes and mockups.

Making licensing simple.

A universal agreement for all fonts eliminates the need to review and negotiate individual licensing contracts.

The Monotype App: Your creative wingman.

The Monotype App enables remote deployment and auto-installation of missing fonts, helping remove one-off requests and creative bottlenecks.

Third-party fonts, made simple.

Upload third-party fonts from other foundries or bespoke typefaces to manage and share all fonts from a centralized platform.

Your license agreement.

All users are allowed to access and use any typeface from the library for non-commercial use. All users are free to create mockups, pitches, and prototypes.

If you have pre-negotiated commercial distribution for fonts from the library, here are some of the ways you can deploy the fonts:

  • Desktop

  • Web fonts

  • Digital ads

  • eBooks

  • Mobile apps

  • Embed

You must check your Monotype agreement to understand the full extent of your distribution terms.


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