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Logging in to Monotype Desktop App v7.x.x

Learn the steps to log in to Monotype Desktop App v7.x.x

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Once installed and configured, use the following steps to log in to the Monotype Desktop App v7.x.x:

  1. Open Monotype Desktop App.

  2. Click Log in. Monotype Fonts web platform displays. Your login will get initiated on your default browser and a message displays to notify the same to you.

    Note: Either you or your company administrator sets up the default browser for your system.

  3. Enter the email address to log in and click Continue.

    Or, you can select other options and use your Google, Adobe, Microsoft, Apple, or Facebook account to log in to Monotype Fonts platform and Monotype Desktop App.

    Note: The login process differs for each SSO driven or social portal driven logins. Each workflow including password resets follows whatever mechanism the authentication provider chooses to facilitate them on. This experience will differ for every user. Any screenshots here are only indicative.

  4. Approve the verification request (if any) from your SSO provider. This will automatically log you in to the Monotype Desktop App.

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