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Setting up Monotype Desktop App v7.x.x

Steps to set up Monotype Desktop App v7.x.x

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After installation you can customize the default app settings. This is a best practice and enables you to set up your app based on your preferences (of language, plugins, and font type). You will be guided by a set up wizard to perform these settings.

Use the following steps to set up the app on your device:

  1. The initial screen of the setup wizard prompts you to select the language preference for your application's interface on your system. Select your preferred language and click Set me up.

    The Get control over local fonts screen displays.

  2. Enable any of the following options to configure the fonts you wish to handle through the app:

    1. Monotype Fonts (enabled by default)

    2. Adobe Fonts

    3. Local Fonts

  3. Click Continue.

    The Enable plugin to activate missing fonts screen displays.

  4. Install/Enable the required plugins from the list of available plugins and click Continue.

  5. Click Done to complete the set up and close the wizard.

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