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Monotype Desktop App v6.4.4 (Legacy)
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Remote deployment (only for v6.4.4)

Company admins can use the installation packages listed below to remotely deploy the Monotype App on users’ machines. MDM deployment tools like JAMF or Airwatch can also be used to deploy these files.


You can deploy the Monotype App with a per-machine installation or per-user installation of the MSI package.

Per-user installer

The MSI for per-user deployment adds Monotype App installer to individual user accounts.

Who it's for

Who it's not for

This method is best for companies where employees work from their own machine or device and update Monotype App automatically.

Companies where many people use the same machine (like terminal servers), or where they need to control which version of app they use, should use the MSI for per-system installer.

Per-machine installer

The MSI for single installation deployment installs the Monotype App for Windows machine-wide to Program Files. It is multi-client capable, meaning that it can be used by multiple users on one machine, keeping their profiles separate in %ROAMINGAPPDATA%.

Note: The Windows system level app has auto updates turned off.

Who it's for

Who it's not for

This method is best suited to companies at which multiple employees use the same machine (e.g., terminal servers) and/or they need to control which version of the Monotype app they use.

Companies where people use their own machines and update the Monotype App automatically should use the MSI for per-user deployment.

For detailed instructions, refer to our document on remote deployment and proxy settings (for v6.4.4).


You can deploy the macOS™ app with per-machine installation using the PKG file. This installer is intelligent enough to work with both Intel and ARM-powered Apple machinery.

Note: Per-user install is not available for macOS™.

Important information.

  • The PKG provided by Monotype is tested and verified against Airwatch and JAMF.

  • The MSI provided by Monotype is tested using Airwatch.

  • You may use other software to distribute the Monotype App solely at your own risk.

  • We support reading proxy settings from an accompanying JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) file.

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