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Learn about advanced search feature and how to use it.

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Monotype Fonts platform comes with an advanced AI-enabled search feature for font discovery and inspiration. This universal and advanced inline search bar is present on the upper-left corner of the Monotype Fonts web platform. Along with many other capabilities, it is equipped with recommendations and suggestions based on your recently searched fonts, foundries, and tags.

Other benefits

Other benefits of Monotype Fonts search feature are as follows:

  • It has a carousel of artworks and images for some font families within the search results. This offers insights and inspiration to use the font.

  • You have the Recent searches tab for quick access to the recently searched fonts, foundries, or tags.

  • There is a Family Quick View that gets activated by a click on any font family.

  • You can preview all relevant styles using the type tester tool.

  • You can access Add to, Similar fonts, Sync, and Download buttons within a dedicated view on the family listing page.

  • Filters on the Browse page facilitates the search of specific styles within font families for accelerated superfamily navigation. The filtering system is intuitive and is accompanied by visual indicators.

  • It offers a faster search experience by optimizing load time.

Using the advanced search feature

You can use this feature to search a font, foundry, or Monotype tag either by:

  • entering a keyword for a font name, foundry name, or Monotype tag in the search field;

  • using WhatTheFont feature to search for a font from an image;

  • selecting a Monotype Tag from the recommended tags shown within the Recommended tab;

  • selecting a family from the list of recommended families;

  • selecting a foundry from the list of recommended foundries;

  • selecting a keyword from your earlier search using the Recent searches tab; or

  • using the search/browse filters from the left-side pane in the browse section.

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