What Are Font Tags?

Learn more about how to use tags to organize your fonts.

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Tags are a convenient tool for organizing your company fonts. Learn more about how to create private tags and add them to your fonts and font families.

What are public tags?

Public tags are visible to everyone. The Monotype team adds public tags to font families to help other users navigate the Monotype Fonts Library.

What are private tags, and how can I use them to organize my fonts?

The private tags section allows Company Admins to add custom tags to fonts and families as an advanced filtering option. These tags are private, meaning they are only visible to users in your company. Users will see them when searching for fonts, on family and font pages, etc.

You can add private tags to both fonts and font families.

How can I create a new private tag?

1. Click the + button next to the Add new tag title on the Tags page.


2. In the Create Tag dialog, enter a name for your tag—in this case, we’ll call it “sample_tag.” Note that labels are not case sensitive.


3. Click on the Add Tag button to finish creating your tag.


How can I add private tags to fonts and families?

1. Navigate to the font/family page—in this case, let’s add the “sample_tag” tag we just created to Futura Now.

2. Once on the font/family page, scroll down to the bottom of the page to the font’s About section. From the Private Tags section, click on the + button.


3. In the Add Tags dialog, click and select tag(s) listed under Common tags from your company. You may also search for more tags using the search bar.


4. Once you’ve made your selection, click on the Add tag button to finish.


To remove a tag from your fonts, simply click on the X-shaped remove icon next to that tag’s name.

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