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Our Professional Services are available as part of your Monotype Fonts plan.

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Monotype is dedicated to providing the technical assistance you need when working with fonts. We offer three levels of support: Basic, Premier, and Elite, all available as a part of a Monotype Fonts plan.

Each of our three tiers provides on-demand support. This includes access to our Help Center, Live Chat, and video tutorials. In addition, every support plan offers the following:

  • Personalized help with deployment and/or usage issues related to Monotype Fonts

  • Support ticket creation and escalation so that we can help you as quickly as possible

  • Documentation of support, including additional examples or explanations for concepts requiring clarification

  • Assistance from our support team to submit requests for changes, enhancements, and improvements to Monotype Fonts, as necessary

  • Access to online release notes for updates

We also offer the following features that are specific to each plan:

  1. Hours of Support: Hours of support are specific to local time zones, ranging from normal workday hours to 7x24-hour support.

  2. Support Languages: All technical support is provided in English; when needed, we make an effort to accommodate other languages, including German, French, and Hindi.

  3. Live Chat: Support Specialists are available to start live chat sessions with you and help with case submissions.

  4. Ticket Creation & Escalation: If a request cannot be solved via live chat, a customized ticket will be made, and the Support Specialist will guide you through the escalation process.

  5. Phone Support: Phone support is available to customers with an Elite support plan.

  6. Personal Email/Ticket: Elite support plan customers receive individual email addresses through which they have personalized access to Customer Success Managers.

  7. Enhanced Business Interruption Response Time: Monotype strives to keep customers informed of any business interruptions to Monotype Fonts as quickly as possible.


Our Premier and Elite tiers provide onboarding for your creatives and administrators. We supply a dedicated CS Manager, one-on-one personalized training, best practice sessions, and a detailed success plan tailored to your unique font needs.

Single Sign-On

Integrate Monotype Fonts into your organization’s existing single sign-on (SSO) solution by mapping to your domain groups. This ensures a unified and secure experience for everyone. Please note that this SSO offering depends on which Monotype Fonts plan you have.

Font & User Management

Monotype Fonts identifies unlicensed and inconsistent use of fonts, helping you protect your brand and avoid licensing infringement.

Contact us at [email protected] or chat with us via the messenger to learn more. Premier and Elite customers can find a support contact listed in their contract.

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