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Agency Partnership Program
Agency Partnership Program

Learn more about the Agency Partnership Program and how to apply.

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Monotype’s Agency Partnership Program allows creative agencies worldwide to enjoy Monotype Fonts’ library of more than 150,000 fonts at no cost. Learn more about the Agency Partnership Program and how to apply.

What is the Agency Partnership Program?

Monotype’s Agency Partnership Program allows creative agencies around the world to prototype with our entire font library and learn from Monotype Studio experts. It comes with complimentary one-year access to Monotype Fonts, our font subscription service.

What are the benefits of being a Monotype Agency Partner?

Becoming a Monotype Agency Partner gives you access to the following benefits for one year, subject to the terms and conditions of the Agency Pitch License:

  • All of Monotype Fonts’ type library of over 150,000 fonts

  • Fonts from type foundries like Hoefler, Adobe, Font Fabric, and more

  • Unlimited prototyping to create pitches for your clients

  • Seamless integration with your daily design tools and workflows

  • The expertise of creative type designers from Monotype Studio

Being a Monotype Agency Partner also allows you to use Monotype Fonts on your website for up to 250,000 monthly page views.

How and where can fonts be used as a part of the Agency Pitch Agreement?

Anywhere. You can use these fonts in prototypes of websites, apps, ads, and ebooks, and share them with your client. However, you are not licensed to deploy the fonts externally, other than to your client and prospects for pitching purposes. The fonts will be licensed to you for internal use alone.

What if we or our clients want to deploy designs created using Monotype Fonts?

If you or your client wish to publicly distribute any materials created using Monotype Fonts, you must obtain a separate distribution license from Monotype. Check out the Agency Pitch End User License Agreement for more information.

Can web fonts be published on websites and in HTML5 digital ads as a part of this agreement?

Yes. You may use web fonts from the Monotype Fonts library for your own website for up to 250,000 monthly web font page views. Additionally, web fonts may be published on websites and in digital ads only if they are used in your design mock-ups and live demos for the purposes of pitching to your clients.

As part of this agreement, web fonts may not be used in the following contexts:

  • On live websites owned by your clients

  • In digital ads for live or upcoming campaigns by your clients

How do I become a Monotype Agency Partner?

To become a Monotype Agency Partner:

  1. Fill out and submit the application form found here.

  2. You will be invited to a new trial account. Activate the account.

  3. If you already have a Monotype Fonts trial account, feel free to keep creating with it.

  4. Meanwhile, our team will run eligibility checks based on your information.

  5. Once approved, you will receive confirmation of your successful enrollment as a Monotype Agency Partner. Your trial account will be converted to a full access account, valid for one year.

How does the eligibility check process work?

Submitting an application form automatically enrolls you in the Agency Partners eligibility check process. Our Agency Partnerships Team will invite you to a four-week trial of Monotype Fonts, allowing you to experience our type library and collaboration features while our team carries out the necessary checks. If you’re currently on a free trial, it will not be interrupted. The eligibility check process typically takes between two and four weeks.

Once you pass all required eligibility checks, your Monotype Fonts trial will be converted to a full-access account that will be valid for one year.

How is the one-year validity calculated?

In general, the one-year validity is calculated from the day your application form is submitted. This is true if you have an ongoing Monotype Fonts trial account, or if you previously registered for one that has since expired.

However, if you don’t currently have an active Monotype Fonts trial account, validity will be calculated from the day you first activate your trial account via our invitation email.

My Monotype Fonts trial has already expired. How can I apply for this program?

Simply complete the application form on this page. Our Agency Partnerships Team will take all details into consideration and reach out if necessary.

My application did not pass the eligibility check. I believe this is an error. What can I do?

While we take great care in assessing the details provided in the application form and throughout our eligibility check process, if you believe your application has not been approved due to an error on our part, please write to us at [email protected].

Is there an affiliate program for agencies?

Yes. Monotype has an affiliate program for agencies. Refer to this page for details.

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