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API: Getting Started
API: Getting Started
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The Monotype API provides access to our extensive library of fonts, utilizing Monotype's advanced search and AI-powered feature sets like pairing, similarity, tags, and moods capabilities.

To explore our APIs and get onboarded, please review and fill out the form to receive an authentication token for accessing the APIs.

Introduction to APIs

These are the APIs that allow you to browse our font inventory:


Use the refresh token to get a new auth token


Provides a list of fonts accessible to you


Provides details on specific font


Download a font


Get the details on similar fonts


Get the details on well-paired fonts

More details on these APIs can be found here.

Getting started

The Monotype API provides customers with access to Monotype's vast library of fonts and expert AI-powered recommendations. With these APIs, customer platforms can search for specific fonts, view font information, and download fonts to create a personalized typography experience.

Authentication is a mandatory requirement for all endpoints in the Monotype public API. To access the APIs, you must obtain a bearer token, which must be passed along with application endpoints.

How can you get the token?

  1. Submit your details at

  2. Our team will review your request and provide the access details via email.

  3. Pass the bearer token and access the APIs at

  4. Review the “API: Invoking the APIs” section for passing the credentials.

Developer support

If you are a developer building with Monotype APIs, the answers to most questions can be found here.

If you can't find an answer to your question in those documents, please contact us at [email protected].

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