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Syncing and installing fonts with Monotype Desktop App
Syncing and installing fonts with Monotype Desktop App
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Downloading & installing the Monotype App

Download the Monotype App (version 7.2.1 for macOS™ and Windows) installer directly to your machine using the following links:

Interested users can try out this app and send us any relevant feedback at [email protected].

The Monotype App solves the missing fonts frustration

Creatives spend roughly eight hours a week on nuisance tasks like tracking and installing the correct fonts—a full day’s worth of time spent not designing. In addition to losing time, these disruptions can derail your creative process, which is often already compromised by other demands on your time.

You can install fonts using either of the following two methods:

1. Sync fonts using the Monotype App

If you have the Monotype App installed on your system, you can sync and start working with your favorite fonts with a single click as you browse the Monotype Fonts inventory. Fonts are synced in the background and are made available in a matter of seconds, without the need for manual installation.

You can view, search, and unsync any of the installed fonts directly through the app. Since the app is linked to users’ accounts, it provides admins with added security and control over font installations throughout their organization.

The Monotype App is also configured to work with third-party fonts. Company admins can upload fonts purchased from other foundries to the Monotype Fonts platform for easier font management, improved security, and simplified license tracking, while creatives can use the same simple workflow to design with Monotype fonts and third-party fonts alike.

2. Download font files for manual installation

If you are an enterprise user and your contract permits, you may also choose to download font files for offline, manual installation.

Note: Select enterprise users can download font files.

No download available on 30 days trial. Contact [email protected] for any queries.

Apple silicon native app

You will not need a separate installer for your machine with macOS™ powered by Apple ARM architecture. The link above will optimize the installer for you.

You can also click on the Download the Monotype App link in your profile menu, as shown below:

Detection & auto-activation of missing fonts

The Monotype App comes with built-in plugins that can automatically detect and activate missing fonts within your creative projects.

Note: Refer to the Plugins section to know more about the supported plugins and how to use them.

After disabling/re-enabling a plugin for an application, please restart the selected application to put these changes into effect.

Syncing fonts with the Monotype App

Syncing fonts from a font family page

Once you have the Monotype App installed, you can sync an entire set of fonts from a family page by clicking on the Sync family button. When you click this button, fonts start syncing with your desktop in the background and are ready for use in a matter of seconds.

Clicking on the drop-down arrow on the Sync family button also provides you with more detailed Sync & download options.


This provides you with full control over what gets synced, and how.

Let’s take a look at the Sync & download options dialog in detail:


From the Sync to Monotype App tab, you can choose to sync individual font weights and styles. You can also choose which format(s) (CFF or TTF) your fonts are synced in. Once you've selected your preferences, you may again choose to sync the entire family by clicking the Sync family button at the bottom of the dialog.

Syncing fonts from the Browse section or search results page

When searching for fonts via the Browse section or the search results page, hovering over a font family row offers access to the following additional options:

  • Add to: Add the selected font style to a font list, web project, or digital ad.

  • Similar: Search for fonts similar to the one in focus.

  • Sync family: Sync the selected font via the Monotype App. Additionally, clicking on the drop-down arrow icon brings up the Download & sync options dialog as described above.

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