Tracking and Reporting

Learn more about how our tracking and reporting features help with licensing compliance.

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Tracking and reporting ensures that you are using fonts in accordance with licensing agreements. Learn more about how these features help with licensing compliance.

What is tracking in Monotype Fonts?

Font tracking is any process that your organization has in place to track how many fonts and which fonts are in production at any given time. Every organization’s workflow is unique, so how and when you record your production fonts depends on what best fits your needs.

How do I track my fonts?

The most commonly recommended approach is to create a comprehensive, global list of all your organization's fonts in production. A comprehensive list simplifies the quarterly reporting process and provides users with a quick overview of pre-approved fonts for production use cases.

Another approach is to use tags. Create a private tag for production fonts and assign them to the applicable font styles and/or families. Users with Monotype Fonts access can search for this tag whenever they need a quick view of all production fonts.

You can combine these approaches and/or create a customized method that suits your team’s workflow.

What is reporting in Monotype Fonts?

Every three months, Monotype Fonts customers receive a quarterly utilization report that contains all their users’ sync and download activity. Customers should mark which fonts are currently being used in production and send the document back to Monotype. Unlimited subscribers are not required to do this.

How do I report my production fonts to Monotype?

Your organization’s primary contact will receive an email from Monotype containing the quarterly utilization report (you can request that additional individuals be added to the distribution list, if needed). Indicate which fonts are currently being used in production in the report, and then send the document back to Monotype. Monotype will reach out to you if any follow-up is needed.

How can I monitor usage within Monotype Fonts?

Admins can view user activity reports in the Monotype Fonts web portal, under the Manage tab’s Usage section. You can filter user activity by user, font family, or font style; you can also view usage for a given period. User activity reports provide a real-time view of your users’ engagement with the platform.

How can users monitor usage through the quarterly utilization reports?

The quarterly utilization report offers a detailed view of your users’ activities, including which users are accessing fonts, which fonts they’re accessing, and more. The reporting process ensures that your users are following existing licensing agreements.

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