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Multi-Company Logins

Discover how to use multi-company logins to switch between all your projects.

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Multi-company logins simplify account management for individuals working on multiple projects for different companies. Learn how to create and use multi-company logins to seamlessly switch between all your projects.

What is a multi-company login?

A multi-company login is a set of credentials (email and password) with access to multiple company profiles. Having a multi-company login allows users to effortlessly switch between multiple companies’ unique Monotype Fonts instances.

Who can benefit from multi-company logins?

Users who work with multiple companies can benefit from the efficiency and ease provided by a multi-company login. Since all their Monotype Fonts instances are accessible through a single credential, they can switch between different company instances and projects without disrupting their workflow.

How can you switch companies on Monotype Fonts?

When you are added as a user to a new company, multi-company login will be automatically enabled.

To switch companies in Monotype Fonts, click on your profile in the top right-hand corner, then click "Switch Company." You can then choose which company you would like to work with using Monotype Fonts.


Can I merge existing multiple accounts into one login?

If you already have multiple accounts across different email addresses, contact our support team at [email protected]. We’ll help you merge these into a single email address while preserving your Monotype Fonts assets like synced fonts, library items, and favorites.

Can an admin from one company view my other Monotype Fonts instances?

No. Your Monotype Fonts instances are completely separate, so no one can see the other companies affiliated with your account (or that you’re even using a multi-company account). There is no one consolidated view of your accounts: switching companies means switching libraries and inventories, too. It’s important to make sure you’re logged in with the right company before working on a project.

How can I have my company access removed?

A company admin has to deactivate your seat to terminate your access. You can’t do it yourself.

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